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Fluorspar Processing Technology

Gulin fluorspar ore dressing technology level rise got new ore dressing equipment and advanced processing technology support, especially in recent years in crushing, grinding and classification, sorting ( including gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and so on ), dehydration, filtering has developed or introduced a lot of new efficient equipment, and has been successfully applied, for the progress in beneficiation technology provides effective equipment .

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Fluorspar processing method for fluorspar beneficiation process of fluorspar processing method is mainly based on the ore types, ore composition, grade level, choose reasonable, feasible process for beneficiation. At present, our country fluorite mine beneficiation method is hand selected, gravity ( jig ) selected and flotation etc.. Hand selected mainly for fluorite and gangue limits clear, easy elimination of waste, a variety of different grades of ore is easy to identify the naked eye fluorspar mine. Is one of the most simple, the most economic beneficiation method.

Fluorspar process machine working site picture

Fluorspar Process Plant

Handmade beneficiation process for ore - Rinse - General: screening and hand sorting. Punching selected sieving ore is divided into blocks, blocks, particles ( diameter 6 ~ 15mm ) into the hands of selected scenes, through artificial according to grade separation, sub grade stacking, particles into the jig jig, debris into the flotation plant processing into the fluorite concentrate. 9LZ central processing net gravity ( jig ) processing is mainly used for sorting higher ore grade, size is 6 ~ 20mm ore particles. Gravity separator has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency. In the ore particles, large amount of high grade mining has been widely used. Hand the election and re-election by fluorspar ore are mainly used in metallurgy ( called metallurgical grade ore block). Flotation, referred to as flotation. This processing method is currently the world fluorspar mining is widely used, is a high quality fluorspar ore beneficiation method. Whether single or with fluorite mine fluorite ore ( CO) students, either ore structure simple or complex fluorite mine fluorite mine, either coarse or crystallization crystallization more fine grained dissemination of fluorite flotation method can be used.
At present, Gulin flotation process is divided into three stages, namely the crushing, grinding flotation and dewatering
Fluorite mineral processing method of fluorspar beneficiation process is generally three section of a closed circuit process, small mine has three or two sections open flow. Grinding and flotation process, grinding times is based on granularity and dissemination status to decide, mineral dissemination size of fine, monomer separation difficult ore using two grinding, other ores can be used a grinding. Gulin is a professional mineral processing equipment manufacturers, the factory mainly produces crushing machine, drying machine, ball mill, fluorite mineral processing equipment, and free for customers are small fluorspar dressing experiment, design of fluorite ore dressing process flow and equipment configuration, welcome customers to visit our plant guide, buy equipment, Gulin for your dedicated

Fluorspar Crusher

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Fluorspar jaw crusher

Aggregate crushing plant, such as mining, metallurgy, building material, highway and other departments, used jaw crusher as the primary crusher. Jaw crusher is the mainly crusher in porphyrizing large, medium and small ore stones and corresponding objects…

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Fluorspar impact crusher

Aggregate crushing plant used impact crusher as a secondary crusher, impact crusher is widely used in highway construction, water conservancy engineering and architectural gravel processing,etc.Impact crusher can handle particle size is less than 500 mm...

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Gulin is a professional mining crushing machinery and industrial milling machine R & D and manufacturing enterprises in China. It can provides jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher, portable crusher plant, mobile crusher plant, belt conveyor and vibrating feeder for Clay powder ginding plant.
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