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Dolomite Specification Overview

Dolomite symbiotic with gypsum, anhydrite, rock salt, rock salt, potassium. Its mainly used for blast furnace basic refractories and flux, production of calcium magnesium phosphate and magnesium sulfate Preparation, and ingredients for the production of glass and ceramic.Marble, limestone and dolomite three stone can be used interchangeably as building materials.
In order to obtain the useful dolomite powder, we have to use dolomite crusher and dolomite grinding mill to complete dolomite crushing process and dolomite grinding process.

Dolomite Processing Line

Dolomite Processing Plant

Dolomite Processing Line for sale

The raw dolomite materials production process should use dolomite crusher. When dolomite mining process is completed in quarry plant, the mined dolomite should be transported into dolomite primary crusher for processing plant by belt conveyor. After first dolomite crushing process, the dolomite less than 3 inch will be transported into dolomite vertical roller grinding mill or roller ball mill for grinding process. The dolomite above 3 inch will be vibrating and recovery for the second crusher process.
The processing will be going on until the dolomite ore below 3 inch.Then dolomite crushing processing is completed. If the size is you need, the pulverizing dolomite will be stockpiled into dolomite storage bin.

Dolomite Grinding Powder Mill & Dolomite Processing Line

The pulverizing dolomite stone in the roller ball mill or veritical roller grinding mill, will be grinded into dolomite powder about 0.2 mm with the grinder roll, grinding ring and steal balls(iron shots). The grinded dolomite powder will be look like dolomite slurry. Finally, the dolomite slurry will be recovery and storage in storage bin. The recovery dolomite will be packed and transported for industrial or contruction use.

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