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Borax Making Machine Use

The borax is very useful. To get the borax powder for medical use, we should used the borax making machine.Borax Making Machine is a newly researched equip- ment, with international advanced level. Technology and modern processing equipment make it a leading role in this industry. VSI5x Borax making machine high effcient equipment for artificial sand.
Borax making machine is used for producing concrete,building aggregate,aggregate for road surface and roadbed,asphalt concrete and cement concrete.

Artificial sand making machine

Borax Powder Making Process

Artificial sand making machine

Borax making machine is used for borax manufacturing process, and power from various minerals. It is used in fine and medium size crushing of borax material,borax rocks. Gulin borax making machines are of high efficiency and high performance crusher, low in maintenance and low operating cost. Our high proficiency borax making machines are designed and manufactured to produce fine quality sand with high productivity output. The final product is cubic with grounded edges. Borax and aggregate is used in preparing good quality concrete for building and construction purpose, so the borax particle must be equiexed cuboidal and glommed edges.

The Borax Making Machine In The World

Every year Gulin borax making machine factory provides 3000 units equipment for India,South Africia,Nigeria,Ghana, Pakistan, etc Artificial Sand making process.

VSI5x Artificial Sand Making Crusher

VSI5x borax Making Crusher

As the new generation of core sand making equipment in borax making industry,VSI5x borax making crusher owns a number of patents and independent intellectusl property rights.

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