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Argile Application

Argile often silicate minerals from the earth's surface after weathering formation. General in place the weathering, particle larger, composition of the original stones, close to the original called a argile or argile. This kind of argile's main ingredients for oxide tin and alumina, the color white and refractory, made of porcelain argile for main raw material. The family is kaolin kaolinite mineral as the main component of soft argile

Argile mining machine and plant working site picture

Argile Crushing Process & argile crusher

Argile process machine working site picture

The raw argile materials production process should use argile crusher. The argile should be transported into argile jaw crusher, argile impact crusher, argile cone crusher for the primary crusher by belt conveyor. After first argile crushing process, the argile less than 3 inch will be transported into argile grinding mill or argile ball mill for grinding. The argile above 3 inch will be vibrating and recovery for the second crusher process. The processing will be going on until the argile ore below 3 inch. During the argile crushing processing the pulverizing argile which isn’t used at the moment will be stockpiled into argile storage bin. After that the we have completed the argile crushing process. Then we will use grinding mills to complete the argile ore grinding process.

Argile Grinding Process & argile Grinder Manufactureer

The pulverizing soapsone stone in the ball mill or grinding mill, will be grinded into soapsone powder about 0.2 mm with the grinder roll, grinding ring and steal balls(iron shots). The grinded soapsone powder will be look like soapsone slurry. Finally, the soapsone slurry will be pumped to the flotation deck with the fine sulfide ore (~-0.5 mm) going to froth flotation cells for recovery of soapsone mill. The recovery soapsone powder will be packed and transported to costumers.

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