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Anthracite Specification & Application

Anthracite is called coal or red coal, has the largest coal degree. Fixed carbon content high, the anthracite volatile production rate, low density, high hardness, flash point, burns without smoke. Black hard, metallic luster. With fat friction from stain, fracture get into shape, the burning flame when short and less smoke. Don't come. General carbon content in 90% above, volatile under 10%. No glial layer thickness.

Anthracite mining machine in working site pricture

Anthracite Crushing Process & Anthracite Crusher

Anthracite mining and processing plant working site picture

Anthracite processing equipment generally called coal pulverizer, is a broken ring with the impact of the rotor crusher, the lignite production equipment broken ring condole belt with the rotor spinning together in suspension shaft, broken ring with the rotor rotating impact for movement, and also for the spin around the axis movement;
Anthracite processing equipment of crushing process is through broken ring two segments of work to do. When the material into the Anthracite crusher cavity, the broken after in the first paragraph of the rotating broken ring impact crushing. In the second section, fall in the early of the sieve broken grain, broken ring by extrusion further broken, but through the sieve hole eduction. A few can't be broken material into the room, and then from waste regularly waste removal.
Anthracite production equipment the grain-size of control is through the change of different specification to realize, USES the gap between rotor and sieve, can according to need to adjust the institutions through adjusted.
Because of using coal boiler is usually not after classification of the raw coal boiler size is not in conformity with the most use of coal requirements, needs, so broken coal-fired power plants conveying system used in crushing equipment the Anthracite coal, crushing them into certain particle size, in order to meet the requirements of the boiler combustion.

Anthracite Grinding Process & Crusher Machine Manufactureer

The pulverizing coke stone in the ball mill or grinding mill, will be grinded into coke powder about 0.2 mm with the grinder roll, grinding ring and steal balls(iron shots). The grinded coke powder will be look like coke dust. Finally, the coke grinding process has completed. The coke dust will be packed and store in storage bin or transported to costumers.

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