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Bauxite Specification overview

Bauxite is metal mixture, that gibbsite, boehmite or diaspore as the mainly minerals, ores in industry . Bauxite applications both metal and non-metallic. Bauxite is the best material for producing aluminum.
For aluminum processing plant, the large bauxite should be pulverizing into small one. The big bauxite after bauxite crushing process and grinding process will be small particle. The aluminum production line divided into small-scale processing plant and mass processing plant by the production capacity.

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Bauxite Crushing Process & Bauxite Crusher Machine

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After the caprock layer has been broken by blasting or ripping. The bauxite will be mined and transported by belt conveyor. The average thickness of the mined bauxite is about 4m to 10m. An excavator or loader is used to load the bauxite onto haul trucks for transport to the bauxite processing plant. There is a very important procedure before extracting aluminum from bauxite mine that is bauxite crushing process and bauxite grinding process.We can get aluminium during vibrating table- recovery of aluminium in dross.This can solution the waste.

Bauxite Mining process Machine Manufacturer

Generally we choose Gulin crusher or Gulin grinding mill as the primay crusher to crush the raw materials to be required fineness before used to produce aluminum.Bauxite crushing is relatively simple. The work principle is easy to grasp. Generally we use the professional Gulin mining equipments for bauxite crushing. As the leading stone crusher manufacturer and grinding mill manufacturer, Gulin has also been closely following the bauxite mining at home and abroad. Gulin has manufactured large amount of mining equipments to global countries, such as jaw crusher series, impact crusher series, cone crusher series and the vertical roller grinding mill series or roller ball grinding mill, etc. Gulin mining equipments have been exported to more than 130 countries which are widely applied in mining industry including the bauxite crushing. For decades, Gulin has always continued to innovate in the development, production, sales, and service sectors. Rich experience and high-tech applications help our products maximize customers’ satisfaction.

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