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Clay Mill Used For Construction

Clay is a naturally occurring aluminium silicate composed primarily of fine-grained minerals. Clay deposits are mostly composed of clay minerals, a subtype of phyllosilicate minerals, which impart plasticity and harden when fired or dried; they also may contain variable amounts of water trapped in the mineral structure by polar attraction. Clay layers in a construction site. Dry clay is normally much more stable than sand with regard to excavations.So We need clay grinder for caly grinding.

caly grinder mill

The Clay Grinder Mill

clay griner mill

When you need clay less than 0.075 mm. We can provide you the clay vertical roller mill or clay super mill for the producting process. We have another efficiently production line for get clay powder. First we use the clay roller ball mill for the caly grinder process. The clay powder can grinding into 0.074~0.4mm.Then we use the clay super thin grinder mill for get the more less than 0.075 mm clay powder. This scheme can improve the production capacity. The clay grinder have the production capacity from 10t/day to 500t/day. The more less the production capacity you need the more fine clay powder will be.


clay super thin mill

Clay Supper thin mill

On the bases of our company 's 15-product experience. Try on 12 kinds of grinder mill and horizontal crusher, clay super thin mill with high efficiency and finished size can reach to d97≤5μm.

caly ball grinder mill

clay Ball grinder mill

Clay Ball grinder mill can work alone as the second fine grinding mill. It is efficient pulverizer medium particle harden ore ,such as clay,talc, iorn ore,marble,limstone, calcium carbonate. The output of caly ball grinding mill is 10t/h more than Raymond mill …

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