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Concrete Specification & Appliciation

In contemporary, concrete is the most major civil engineering materials , can be used in buildings, nuclear reactor, adornment, roads, bridge, etc.
According to gelled material the concrete types classified: (1) The inorganic gel materials, such as cement concrete, concrete plaster concrete, silicate concrete, sodium silicate concrete; (2) The organic cementing material concrete, such as asphalt concrete, polymer concrete, etc. The concrete production line we supply contian: concrete cementitious material crushing plant and grinding machine, concrete mixer , transmission and irrigation equipment.

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Concrete crusher in Production Line

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The crushing process: In the concrete cementitious materials processing plant we should use jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, Cs series cone crusher,etc to complete the clay, limestone, gypsum, ash crushing process. With a complete set of equipment you can get the 6mm-40mm uniform particle. In this range we have an control system to give you the accurate range you want.
The grinding process: Some concrete should have the ore powder particles less than 0.075 mm. We can provide you the vertical roller super thin grinding mill for this production process. We have another efficiently production line for get ore powder. First we use the roller ball mill for the ore grinding process. The ore powder can grinding into 0.074~0.4mm.Then we use the vertical roller super thin grinding mill for get the more less than 0.075 mm ore powder. This scheme can improve the production capacity.
The concrete crushing processing plant have the production capacity from 5t/h to 1000tph. The more fine you need the more less the production capacity will be.
Concrete mixer: according to the different construction requirements and conditions, the concrete in the construction site or mixing station can be concentrated mixing. Liquidity good concrete mix-proportion should use fall type mixer; Liquidity is minor or dry, rigid concrete appropriate USES forced mixer mixing.According to the requirements shall, before the stir ingredients.
Transmission and build: concrete thing regarding mix-proportion should use hopper,belt conveyor or stirring truck conveyed to the construction site.

Concrete Crusher Manufacturer

SBM is a professional ore crushing machine manufacturer in China. It can provides jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, grinding ball mill, Raymond mill, nickel ore gyratory crusher, portable crusher plant, mobile crusher plant, belt conveyor and vibrating feeder for concrete production line and conctete recovery line. Gulin supply Small-scale crushing plant and mass mill plant for processing plant. The work principle of Gulin crusher is very easy. Compared to Other brand crusher we have the same quality but lower price.

If our standard models do not fit your needs, contact us and we can help you.

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